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Lakes Veterinary Services is your resource for top-rated complete veterinary services. Care options ranging from preventative care to veterinary dental care and general surgery make us the most sought-after destination for so many pet owners in the region. Our expertise, affordable prices, and compassionate staff set us apart from other vet clinics in the area.   

Because the goal of preventive care is to save your furry friend from unnecessary suffering, we have everything in one place to keep them safe. We offer routine services such as flea treatments, microchipping, and ear cleanings, and we’re also equipped to perform surgical procedures, including spaying and neutering, biopsies, and mass removals. For dogs, we offer safe and effective vaccines for conditions like canine distemper, rabies, parvovirus, and Bordetella. For your feline friends, we offer protection from rabies, respiratory diseases, and feline leukemia. We can customize the frequency to meet the needs of your pet.        

Bad breath from your furry friend could be the first sign of a dental disease. Other signs, such as redness along the gum line, tartar, or eating slower than normal, indicate the need for treatment for periodontal disease, which is common in small animals. Untreated, the accumulated bacteria at the gum line around the tooth can cause tooth or bone loss. Our staff can evaluate your pet’s teeth and recommend an oral health care plan. We can administer dental cleaning and oral examinations to restore their quality of life.    

Keeping your loyal companion safe and sound is our goal in every service we provide. For questions about the complete list of preventative care options we offer or to speak with a staff member, call today. We’re more than happy to help!  

services offered

Preventative Care
Puppy and Kitten Care
Senior Wellness Care
In-House Laboratory
In-House Pharmacy
Internal Medicine
End-of-Life Care
Dental Care
Pain Management
Surgical Procedures :
- Spay
- Neuter
- Biopsies
- Mass Removals